Optrix is an Australian technology company that creates cutting edge data visualisation software for industries such as hydro, mining, construction, steel making and energy. Optrix’s hero product is called ARDI, a state of the art data visualisation platform designed to unlock the full value potential of the data coming from all areas of a project / site through real time, location specific visualisations (VR, MR, VE, 2D and 360 Imagery). 
After a number of years in development, the team were now ready to open up access to ARDI to wider audience and begin the formal process of positioning for growth. We came on board to facilitate this step up and give Optrix a world class brand identity worthy of their already best in class industry 4.0 software suite.    
Key Project Elements I Delivered
Brand strategy workshops
Brand positioning (through Brand Compass)
Updated brand identity (logo, tagline, colour palette, typography, photography, iconography etc)
Brand guidelines
Full website redesign
Promotional Videos
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Collateral
Social channel design
MY ROLE: Creative Strategy Director & Brand Designer     ||      AGENCY: StartsWithA
AWARDS: This won GOLD in the Transform Awards 2023

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