Changi Airport Singapore has a little known incentive scheme whereby travellers transiting through the airport on Singapore Air are eligible to receive $40 in vouchers to spend at the airport, it's called "The Changi Transit Programme". We were tasked with introducing this programme the Australian public in a way that engaged their imagination and inspired them to share with friends.
We invited the public to put their face on a brand new Changi Airport banknote for their chance to win $10,000 to spend at the airport as well as flights to a destination of their choice in Asia. Users had the ability to upload a photo of themselves and customise their note with filters and design templates in our HTML5 banknote maker, and each banknote designed included key details on how the Changi Transit Programme works. The plan was for the winner to become the face of the new Changi Banknote voucher that can be used as currancy at the airport.
Users gained additional entries (up to four) by sharing the campaign with friends over Facebook, Twitter and email to incentivise viral spread. This generated thousands of entries and hundreds of thousands of interactions with the banknote creator.
MY ROLE: Creative Director     ||       AGENCY: Circul8

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