Hattonneale specialise in board search and advisory; providing a discrete and premium service.
Following recent strategic changes to the business core and service offering, it became apparent that their legacy brand was no longer aligned with their future trajectory and in need of an update. The team at Hattonneale felt their brand was starting to look ‘mid-market’ and they wanted to ensure their premium offering was articulated more effectively through their brand identity.
After 13 years in business and two previous iterations of the companies visual ID, we needed to harness the heritage of the brand as well as the passion of the founding partners who play a key role in the business.
Key Project Elements I Delivered
- Brand positioning 
- Tone of voice 
- Brand ID creation 
- Copywriting 
- Team photography 
- Website design 
- Corporate templates 
- Website development 
MY ROLE: Creative Strategy Director & Designer     ||      AGENCY: StartsWithA​​​​​​​

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