After Vanuatu was hit by the devastating Cyclone Pam, they put out the call for help to market themselves and reignite the tourism industry.
They already had the existing brand positioning of “Discover What Matters” which had to remain top of mind within the concept, and they additionally wanted to highlight their close proximity to Australia within the messaging.
In response to this, we created 8 life tenets inspired be the teachings of meditation and mindfulness to help the consumer to discover what matters, which sat under our central campaign concept “It’s been right in front of you all along”. This was a metaphorical reference to finding “what matters” as well as a literal reference to the fact that Vanuatu is sitting right under Australia’s nose without people knowing.
We then embarked on a large scale marketing campaign that included shooting a TV commercial in Vanuatu, two new websites (consumer & trade), photography, edms, paid search, display, facebook, twitter & instagram advertising.
MY ROLE: Creative Director & Head of Production     ||       AGENCY: Circul8

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