This was a collaborative project driven by Horticulture Innovation Australia with the intention of inspiring people to buy more plants for their living space. Our friends over at Republic of Everyone lead the project, enlisting RMIT to do the science behind the relation between more plants and better air quality / wellbeing. We joined the party to bring all the research and ideas to life in a multi platform mobile app.
Through the app, users could use augmented reality to test drive new plants in their room and see a simulation of the (science backed) benefits that each plant would have on their space.
- Plant Collections by Georgina Reid (The Planthunter)
- Plant Photography by Daniel Shipp

MY ROLE:  App UX, Creative Director   ||      AGENCY: Circul8
Webby Award: Mobile Sites & Apps: Lifestyle (Judges Choice)
Webby Award: Mobile Sites & Apps: Lifestyle (Peoples Choice)

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