The origins of Refari are as a best-in-class candidate referral technology and the initial brand name reflected this ( However, as the company rapidly evolved, referral technology became only one of many different powerful features within the full product offering. 
There was a desire to move towards a more unique brand that they could really own; something broad enough to work for a product with many different evolving features but also distinct enough that it is instantly recognisable and clear.  We were brought on board to facilitate this brand transformation and roll out the new “Brand Refari” across all marketing channels. 
Key Project Elements I Delivered
- Brand strategy workshops
- Brand positioning
- New brand identity (logo, tagline, colour palette, typography, photography, iconography etc)
- Brand guidelines
- Full website redesign
- Marketing materials and sales decks
- Social channel design
MY ROLE: Creative Strategy Director & Brand Designer     ||      AGENCY: StartsWithA

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