There are two key seasons that travellers visit Japan: Winter (for Skiing) and Spring (for the Cherry Blossoms). We were tasked with creating an innovative social campaign platform that engaged our target market during the spring season and inspired them to travel to Japan.
Our research showed us that our target market were interested in casual games on Facebook (such as Farmville), so we proposed a Facebook based game where the player can grow and nurture their own Japanese Cherry Tree (Sakura). This involved some simple gamification techniques like scoreboards, digital badges and unlocks during the game to encourage the player along the way.
The game absolutely blew up overnight and users went crazy for growing their own tree. We hit all of our KPIs with ease, driving huge database grown for our client and some of the most insane behavioral results on a campaign I’ve ever seen. My favourite stat was an average 17.5min dwell time per session and a bounce rate of 9.4%.
The audience LOVED the game.
MY ROLE: Creative Director & Head of Production    ||      AGENCY: Circul8

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